CTM is engaged in software development for railways and customs. It is our long-term partner and representative in Russia. Given the breadth of this country CTM sells both its own products, as well as JERID’s products through dealer network. On 9 to 10 June JERID attended the so-called Partner seminar held by the CTM Company in St. Petersburg, Russia. Seminar was attended by around 60 dealers from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and Almaty.

Within the program an hourly training focused on information systems of JERID was carried out. The social part of the seminar was held on the steamboat on the Neva River with the beautiful decorations of the historic St. Petersburg. During the ceremony the best representatives were regarded highly.  CTM has done the ceremony according to the model of the famous Oscar and JERID received the prize in nomination “Best CTM foreign partner”. So we have the first Oscar! :-)