The 30th meeting of the Conference of the Directors General of the Organisation for Cooperation of Railways (OSŽD) took place on 20 – 24 April 2015 in Prague. OLTIS Group has been an associated member of OSŽD since 2004, and in Prague it was one of the main partners of the event. The company presented itself with an exhibition stand at the entrance to the conference meeting room. The director of research and Innovation of OLTIS Group, Ing. Petr Kroča, spoke during the general session, he introduced the current possibilities of involvement of OSŽD railways in the European railway research and innovation. He also presented some of the results of research projects in the field of information systems. It is exactly the converging of railway research of OSŽD members and countries of the European Union and the application of results in railway practice, which will be the key activities for the upcoming period.


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