The Company of the Year competition, with its all-branch and regional influence, is one of the biggest entrepreneurial competitions in the country. With quality set rules, the competition upholds maximal objectivity of assessing the contestants, and it creates a truly unique mutual comparison of participants in each region and in the whole Czech republic.

“I am glad that the Olomouc region has again proved to be entrepreneurially strong region. Originality, tradition, a great deal of social responsibility, and even mutual regional support, all are features that our local entrepreneurs show,” said jury member Petr Kovala from ČEZ ESCO about the regional round.

Vodafone Company of the Year 2016 in Olomouc region:

  1. ALIKA, a.s. – roasting, packaging, chopping nuts, dried fruits, and seeds (Čečice)
  2. Koutný, spol. s.r.o. – production of classic men’s clothing, tailored suits and career clothing (Prostějov)
  3. OLTIS group, a.s. – integrator of information systems (Olomouc)

Those interested in participating in the contest Company of the Year 2016 answer simple questions that characterize the company’s business and describe their entrepreneur story. An integral part of the evaluation of companies is also, so called, “scoring” which assesses financial indicator of the companies. Scoring is computed by a specialized software on the basis of gross return on equity and assets, current liquidity, acid test ratio and total debt, but also its structure, turnover of assets from revenues, operating margins and labour productivity. The company can gain maximal scoring of 2000 points. Scoring and entrepreneurial stories of companies then both have the equal value of 50% in the final assessment. An expert jury, consisting of representatives of partners, associations, and guilds (more in Partners), then votes in each individual region. For each regional round there are 10 companies with the highest assessment of financial indicators, so called scoring. The order of companies in each region is then determined by an expert jury (50%) and scoring (50%).

Only 14 winners from each region then advances into national finals of Company of the Year 2016. The winner of the final round is picked by a national jury. Winning companies from all regions present themselves in front of an expert jury. In this final round, it is all about the capabilities and abilities of the presenting companies, whether the companies can find their way in competitive environment, how ambitious and down to earth their entrepreneurial plans are, and how the contribute to the development of their surroundings.


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