The implementation of the info system NEWSPED in the company CARGOSPED, which took place after October 2009, has been completed. The logistics operator from the group PKP Cargo SA that provides forwarding and logistics services in rail transport, wanted a complex system covering the whole forwarding process.

NEWSPED, a product of the company JERID, an affiliate of OLTIS Group, is an information system to control the process of transport, from recording the offers, through advices (announcements), supplier and customer price calculation, import and checking of invoices from the vendors, invoicing to the customers up to the interconnection with the accounting programme. It also contains extended modules for customs agenda, it has a prepared interface for container terminals, also extended tools for creation of complex statistics and reports, prepared specially for the TSL area.

The implementation proceeded in several phases. Phase I was successfully completed in January 2010. Several basic modules were commissioned, including the sending of advices, shipments and invoicing.
Since 1 January 2011 CARGOSPED has already been controlling all forwarding procedures through the NEWSPED system at 40 work stations in all 10 of its branch offices.
By the implementation of NEWSPED, the company CARGOSPED started a process of informatisation, which shall continue in 2011.