The “Logistics Manager Meeting” Conference took place for the first time on April 11, 2018 in Warsaw. The special program of this event was focused on the theme “Healthy Supply Chain “.
The special guest of this conference was Mr. Evan Armstrong, founder and president of consultancy Armstrong & Associates, company focused on research of the global logistics market. Mr. Armstrong described in his speech, among other things, the state of the global logistics services market: global and regional trends, mergers and acquisitions, 3PL’s diversification worldwide and the most important leaders and their strategies.
OLTIS Polska at this conference was represented by Mr.Piotr Klimek and Mr. Jerzy Wisła. Mr. Piotr Klimek and Mr. Roland Jachimowski from Warsaw University presented a lecture on the jointly implemented project EPLOS (European Portal of Logistics Services). The idea of the EPLOS project has triggered great interest from conference participants. Many of them, later visited the OLTIS Polska stand, to get more information on this subject. In addition to queries, interesting ideas for expanding the EPLOS functionality have also been added.

The conference was attended by nearly 300 logistics and transport managers.

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