Registry of vehicles

Information system REVOZ is a complex solution for filing of all kinds of rolling stock


Basic Characteristics

  • Code list of tractive and special vehicle series
  • Code list of passenger and freight vehicles
  • Registry of all types of rolling stock, including their technical parameters
  • Central code list of freight vehicles, including their technical parameters
  • Central code list of train ATDs and radio transmitters
  • Entries in the registry are in accordance with Commission Regulation 2007/756/ES, TSI TAF, TAP, and WAG


Communication with other systems

  • Central on-line code list for other internal systems of infrastructure managers
  • Daily updating of vehicle list from internal systems of wagon keeper
  • Fully compliant with TAP/TAF TSI, including use of communication software Common Interface CCG UIC


Key Features

  • Technical parameters of vehicle series
  • Territorial approval of vehicle series – registry of approved track sections for each series
  • Hauled weight tables
  • Traction, energetic and current characteristics
  • Data interface for providing data to other information systems


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