Information system for special consignments

Application MIMOZA presents complex tool for efficient agenda processing connected with transporting special consignments. It is designed for infrastructure manager and railway undertakings, who take care of transport of special consignments (SC).           


Basic functionality of MIMOZA allows the users to

  • Processing Application of SC sender
  • Complex records of SC, even multilingual
  • Selection of an appropriate wagon for transporting SC and checking its parameters
  • Inputting contour points of SC and calculation of spatial spatial requirements
  • Displaying contours of SC, loading rate, and obstacles
  • Inputting required transport route
  • Notification – within the company or in the external direction to partner companies
  • Setting transport, transportation, and track conditions for transporting SC
  • Inputting information about companies, commercial data, and transport prices
  • Creating reports (applications, permissions, agreements,…) and administration of corresponding documents
  • Recording individual versions of data about SC
  • Interface to other information systems

Web interface “Application for approval to transport SC” for costumers includes

  • Parameters of application – role of the applicant, type and nature of SC
  • Applicant identification (contact data and detailed information)
  • Specification of the type of consignment and type of wagon
  • Definition of contour dimension of the consignment
  • Transport route proposal
  • Other required and important information about the SC
  • Appendices – sketch for SC, file with additional information about SC…

MIMOZA Web client

  • It is an Internet application designed for infrastructure manager operatives or undertaking operatives and it is used for easy access to information about special consignments.

Documents module allows to

  • Processing and administration of all documents
  • Communication with abroad in compliance with UIC 502-1 in an appropriate language version
  • Interstate outputs for partner companies (applicant, sender, undertaking, payer) and operational sectors (operations management, stations, border crossing point)
  • Archiving versions of documents and accessing them
  • Inputting external documents
  • Distribution of documents to appropriate addressees

Dimensions passability module ensures

  • Record of obstacles of dimensions passability on a traffic infrastructure
  • Data import about obstacles from measuring sources
  • Calculation of dimensions of obstacles and consignments
  • Track and consignment assessment by current international code system
  • Examining the dimensions passability of consignment on the designated path
  • Manual measuring and simulating lowering spatial requirements
  • Simulation of vertical and horizontal movement of a consignment on a special wagon
  • Animation of a consignment and an obstacle in 3D

The Map module allows to

  • Detailed data administration even in infrastructure in graphics
  • Tracing paths in various modes
  • Displaying traffic closures and other infrastructure limitations
  • Ordering capacity of a train path


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