Electronic station master

The Station Master is a key application for controlling the train traffic at the local level. It is a standalone application which is a part of the internal system of the railway infrastructure manager. At the workplace of a station master it constitutes the primary source of information on train movement.           


Highlighted Benefits

  • Full replacement of the existing paper traffic documentation with the electronic format
  • Instant capturing data on train movement and progression of the train traffic
  • Easy delivery of the written orders to the train crew with information on en route exceptions /02
  • Supporting the workflow both in normal operation and during exceptional situations
  • Automatic sending of the captured info to the other workplaces (neighbouring stations, upper dispatching level…)
  • Eliminates the potentially error-prone phone communication system
  • Improves the safety of controlling the train traffic

When implementing within a particular environment, the application is fully aligned with the requirements and national regulations of the customer organization.

Special Functionalities

  • Automatic reception of the shift plan from the central information systems
  • Automatic reception of the timetable changes
  • Automatic document archiving and secure data backup
  • Versatile application and data security for a safe and non-repudiated traffic documentation (automatic online backup)
  • Special functions for operators – an alternate method of creating and sending the message “Train Ready” according to the TAF TSI standard
  • Automatic communication with the neighbouring station and surrounding systems (e.g. the central systems of ISOŘ CDS, ISOŘ ŘVD)

If necessary, the application can integrate the communication module based on IP telephony using the GSM-R network, which allows direct data and voice communication among the stations, hauling vehicles, and dispatching workplace.


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