Central dispatching system

ISOR CDS is a key central information system for the railway infrastructure manager. Its function areas can be customized as to the regulations and technological practices of the target organization.       


Highlighted Features

  • A direct information support for the central dispatching workplace and other connected workplaces
  • Comprehensive coverage of the lifecycles of the trains and their components
  • Concentration of all real-time data on the progression of the train traffic into a central dispatching system
  • Automatic provision of up-to-date information to the external users and systems (e.g. the information on train position and status to its operator)
  • Specialized client application for use of an operator (allows tracking its own trains and/or wagons using an extended data base)

We also provide outsourcing of both the systems and servers operation.

Key Functionalities

ISOŘ CDS is an open system which can integrate with any new functionalities and/or interfaces of other systems. The following list states only the standard integrated functionalities:

  • Graphical rendering of the current situation and prognosis of the train traffic – the executed timetable
  • Automatic collecting and importing of data from the local level (Station Master)
  • Filtering of both the rendered line section and the set of trains
  • Comprehensive central database with ongoing online backups
  • Central register of closures

The most essential feature is the interconnection of ISOR CDS with other applications of OLTIS Group and various external information systems, which together comprise a unified and functionally distributed ensemble.

Distinctive Benefits

  • Avoids the cumbersome and potentially error-prone phone communication
  • Eliminates duplicated data capture and thereafter the risk of introducing errors
  • As soon as the data is logged into the system, it is instantly available to all the other workplaces, according to the defined authorization
  • The instant data availability allows quick and qualified decision-making, and therefore improves the punctuality, safety, and fluency of the traffic
  • Provides extensive statistic reports for better operational, tactical, and strategic decision-making
  • Allows cost savings, among others, by reducing the number of dispatcher personnel needed otherwise


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