Automated design of vehicles and crew rotations

The product is intended for employees designing the rotations and circulations of vehicles, to facilitate the efficient usage of the vehicles on the ordered transport connections; for designers of personnel rosters (as the engine drivers or train crews), and for managers responsible for designing the timetable.

  • Usable for any network transport system
  • Help to create an efficient timetable from the RU’s point of view
  • Embedded mathematical optimising methods
  • Facilitates the efficient usage of the vehicles
  • Provides calculating performance statistics

Up-to-date modular structure of the product

ASO1 – editing transport network, editing vehicles resources (e.g. their types, classes, capacities, load capacities, output etc.)
ASO2 – editing connections and their vehicles (e.g. engines, wagons, train crew)
ASO3 – editing engine rotations
ASO4 – editing wagon sets rotations
ASO5 – editing the personnel rosters of the RU, facilitating to render the performance statistics (seat km, train km…)
ASO6 – editing the train crew rosters
ASO7 – input and output communication.
ASO-U – specifying the performance statistics
The system supports distributed design of the rotation schedule and allows merging the completed rotations into one resulting database.

Input data

  • Data on the transport network, code tables
  • Data on the vehicles
  • Data on the depots – garages and others (i.e. vehicles resources)
  • Time-table of the connections using the defined vehicles

Output data

  • A list of unassigned connections
  • A list of vehicles without an assigned scheduled rotation
  • Vehicles with the assigned connections
  • Graphical vehicles rotation chart
  • Crew rosters
  • The crew and personnel without an assigned roster
  • Performance statistics
  • Proposed subsidies agreements for the connections


ASO1 – allows entering data on the vehicles depots (e.g. number of vehicles of each particular class)
ASO2 – allows entering the vehicles to be assigned to a connection; optionally you can define the routes and times of the individual connections
ASO3 – allows an effective design of the vehicles rotation. The scheduled rotation may be created automatically using mathematical optimizing methods, or by hand
ASO4 – allows creating rotations of wagon sets, together with using the optimizing methods
ASO5 – allows designing shifts and rosters of the service crew
ASO6 – allows designing the train crew schedules
ASO7 – facilitates the communication between the ASO modules and time-table design applications
ASO-U – allows defining the departure and destination station, the connection halts, the connection timeline, and allows calculating the performance expressed in the standard statistic quantities for a user-defined selection (by region, route, line, vehicle type, engine class, wagon set, etc.)

Optional enhancements

A system for a comprehensive economic assessment of the designed timetable.


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