In the field of rail freight transport, our product portfolio offers solutions for large as well as small and private carriers, even nationwide. The information systems in this field enable dispatching the management of rail freight transport, planning of vehicle and personnel circulation, and support the planning of train marshalling processes or centrally managed siding agenda. Another solution in this field, e.g. updated information database or digital mapping data may be used by all carriers, regardless of their size, respectively by rail freight haulers or forwarders.

In the field of products for infrastructure manager, our information systems cover the entire agenda of central dispatch management, provide ICT support for collection of primary data at local level, and at central level the systems solve temporary route closures and enable professional planning of transporting extraordinary shipments. In the liberalized market environment, we provide efficient tools for communication between the infrastructure manager and independent carriers. A significant added value of our solutions is maximum internal data interface and a wide spectrum of links to external systems.

In the field of logistics, we deal with the concept, development, implementation, management and optimization of information systems designed for companies operating at various levels of the logistics chain. The provided solution complexly covers activities related to road transportation, warehouse and company logistics, forwarding (interstate, international, road, railroad, air, marine and intermodal) or their combination. We stress internal and external interconnection of systems, automated and optimized operations, and user comfort and safety.

OLTIS Group provides solutions both for passenger road transport and passenger railroad transport. This field also includes systems related to the use of contactless chip cards that can be used not only within the public transport systems as media for various types of electronic tickets, but also as means of payment, ID document for various use, and as a tourist card supporting tourism.

The main activities of OLTIS Group are clearly focused on the field of information systems for transportation and logistics. Despite the fact that OLTIS Group considers its relatively specific specialization and expertise on basic added value to its solutions, there are a couple of products in its portfolio that may be considered as general-purpose systems. These products represent, in general, universal extensions that can be implemented in other environments, where these can cover attendance agenda or business-marketing activities, ranging from management of contacts to CRM analysis and statistics.